The Kitchen of Chooroo Christmas Menu

The Kitchen of Chooroo Christmas Menu

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• Assortment of Australian cheeses
• Kangaroo peperoni- from Meat Direct in Rapid Creek
• Kangaroo metwurst- from Meat Direct in Rapid Creek
• Kangaroo Ham – from Meat Direct (they ordered it ‘specially’; how cool is that? and you can get it at Adelaide Central Market and it is really yummy)
• Crocodile kebabs
• Buffalo sausage kebabs
• Grapes
• Cherries
• Figs
• Fig paste
• Some years we serve mud crabs

• Hummus dip
• Baba Ganoush dip
• Assorted nuts (and I don’t mean our guests!)
• Assortment of savoury biscuits

Main Course
• Johann’s Kickarse Kangaroo Roast
• A Yummy Plummy Citrusy Roo
• Local fish fillets Moroccan style
• Vegetarian Christmas Loaf
• Mediterranean Pastries
• Beetroot and Cranberry Pastries
• Whole potatoes with sour cream and cracked black pepper
• Magic Pasta Salad
• Mexican Salad
• Rose Pauline Anne’s Rapturous Rice Salad
• Mango and Chilli Salad
• Waldorf salad
(The only salads I serve every year are mum’s pasta and rice salad. I like to try different salads too)

• Katie Byrne’s Fabulous Christmas pudding*
• Pauline’s Luscious Christmas pudding*
• Mangomisu (each year I do a ‘centre piece’ dessert: I only ever do the centre piece dessert once so find something on the web that you would like to try)

*Pudding served with cream, custard or ice-cream, or ‘sometimes’ all three

Nibbles to have while unwrapping presents
• Scottish shortbread
• Greek shortbread
• Vanilla Kipfurls
• Peanut Slice
• Florentine Slice
• Rumless Rum Balls
• Apricot and Macadamia Balls
• White Christmas Slice
• Choc-Orange Truffles

(And I just love those little bags of chocolate gold coins so I add those to the mix)
I have shared a few slices with chooroo but the truth is each year I serve different slices except for the Scottish shortbread (I make to remember my Grandfather) the Peanut slice (It’s my husband’s favourite) and the Florentine slice (my son’s favourite) Every year, almost, I try a different vanilla kipfurl recipe and get a big Fail each time from my husband who says it is just not like his mother’s.

Mango Daiquiris

I offer tea and coffee at this time as well. (Not many takers but it is polite to ask)

Your mother, grandmother, friends and the good old Google kitchen will have lots of options for easy yummy salads, pastries and sweets you could try.

Clearly the dentist is a good option along with any other waiting room. I have recipes from the hairdresser’s magazines too. (But I had to take her a sample in order to keep the magazine!) These days you don’t have to sneakily rip out the page. Most of you will have a camera on your phone so just take a snap. I also have a million recipe books and there are a few old chestnuts that keep popping up.

I love collecting recipes and I keep them in a book along with the date I got them and from whom I received them. It then becomes a book of memories and stories. Most of the recipes I get from Google kitchen I date and jot down what occasion I have used the recipe.

As the years go by you will end up with quite an eclectic array of recipes.

However, hopefully this menu will get you on your way.

We hope you have a peaceful and beautiful Christmas and may your new year be filled with goodness and love-and lots of yummy food.

Light and Peace

The Kitchen of

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