The Lazymans Broth

The Lazymans Broth

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Today’s modern and busy lifestyle means we often find it hard to make time to prepare a solid meal for… Nah, just joking dudes. I’m just lazy and don’t give a shit enough to spend hours preparing a meal that I am going to obliterate in a matter of seconds once complete. Of course I make exceptions from time to time but at the end of the day, food is food. I eat to live, not live to eat. If my meal is healthy, remotely palatable and conforms to my self-prescribed set of ethics then I’m good to go. I don’t need twigs fried in honey or a donkey in a coffin to be satisfied food wise. Also I have other more important things to do with my time such as waste it shooting people in face online or writing idealistic scribbles such as this to share. Therefore the kitchen doesn’t always come first. Sounds preposterous considering that I help run a food blog but alas it is true. For me food is fuel.

Of course I may have misspoken regarding the recipes we come up with and their awesome tastiness. I cook for others not just myself quite regularly. Therefore I do try to get the most (taste wise) out of our food. My partner barely cooks and therefore it is up to me to feed her, I also like to prepare massive feasts for my friends on the reg and thus I do try to make my food as tasty as possible, if not for me then for my friends and family.

But again, I can’t be arsed spending hours in the kitchen and thus the majority of my meals consist of massive broths, stews, slow cooked meals, roasts and so on. Meals, that once prepared, require little attention until eat time.

My most recent invention is what I call “The Lazymans Broth”. This broth is a very basic soup that on its own is rather dull but serves the purpose of providing the foundation for future meals. Once the broth is complete simply adding small little things such as spices and sauces enables you to create entire new meals without having to spend time cooking up all your base ingredients again.

My base broth consists of a few vegies, usually a large chunk of meat (most likely goat), and a couple of base sauces. Here’s how I do it.

• Carrot x 1
• Potato x 2
• Zucchini x ½
• Onion x 1
• Red lentils x a handful
• Baby Spinach/regular spinach x a fistful
• Meat chunks (usually goat shanks) x a fair bit depending of how meaty you want it for the above mentioned amounts I would have at least 4 medium sized shanks in there.
• Soy sauce x a splash
• Worcestershire sauce x a splash
• Sweet chili sauce x a dollop
• HP sauce x a dollop
• Water x a few litres

1. Dice vegetables or cut into the sizes you enjoy. I like larger potato and carrot bits and smaller everything else.
2. Add everything into a large pot and fill with water till everything is mostly submerged. Less water if you plan to convert to curries and thick stews later, more water if you plan to make soups.
3. Apply to a medium/low heat and slow cook the crap out of it for 2 – 4 hours. Depending on water temp and heat and meat type and sizes time will vary a bit. 3 Hours on medium will take care of most game.
4. Remove from heat and be done.

That’s it! You now have a very simple broth. As mentioned before the broth itself is rather flavourless but you now have a thick stock from which you can add different things to in order to make an infinite array of different meals.

After it has cooled I usually separate into Tupperware containers and freeze. Then in the future I just have to defrost and add whatever I want to create a quick and simple yet super healthy and overly delicious meal.

Unsalted tomato paste, a few tomatoes, some extra spinach, pepper, paprika and garlic works really well when added to this broth. You can also make curries or gravies (recipe for curry coming soon). Another thing I like to do is remove the meat once cooked and freeze the soup to use as a stock later. I then take the meat and fry or roast it with a bunch of different things. Game meat can be tough but not after its been in my broth it aint. This then opens the door for the creation of a bunch of other meals that require less cook time but can still utilise game meat.

The Lazymans Broth is my staple base that I use almost 4 times a week. From here the amount of experimentation is endless. Try it for yourself, it is a great way to cook tougher game meats and allows for all kinds of different flavours and it takes no time at all to prepare.


~ Jakob XP Brunnbauer.

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