A cup of coffee and 2 cigarettes

A cup of coffee, 2 cigarettes and a 10 o’clock bun run.

Years ago, when I worked as a nurse on a busy medical ward in Adelaide, an early shift started at seven in the morning. I would get up at six, have a cup of coffee, chain smoke two cigarettes and head off to work.

Many of my colleagues were the same, skipping breakfast was the norm and by ten o’clock we would be starving. One person would volunteer to collect an order for buns and the money and set off to the on-site cafe for buns. Sugar buns, currant buns, finger buns, cinnamon scrolls-NEVER fruit. Our breaks were divided into 2 shifts and smokers normally claimed the first shift. We would stuff our faces with the bun as we headed downstairs for a cigarette.
Some days I would be so hungry that feeding patient’s breakfast and morning tea was torture. (And if you are familiar with hospital food you can imagine just how hungry I was.) Hospital food is so bad that on occasions when a patient asked what the food was on their plate, I’d just have to shake my head and shrug my shoulders, there was just no way of knowing! If I was lucky their order would be on the tray.

But I digress…

The change to having breakfast was more about the fact I just found it too hard to wait until ten or ten thirty to eat. (Four and half hours after rising) It was not about health really. None of us were fat (which when you are young is the determinant for healthy) and working on a busy medical ward was laborious so every calorie consumed was spent. I just did not have time to eat breakfast so I created a drink instead. I call it my “Super Brekkie Drink”. See recipes section.

The beauty of breakfast:
• It increases our metabolism
• You tend to eat more food and the wrong food the next chance you get to eat which is not healthy
• Weight loss is easier to achieve if you eat breakfast
• Your concentration, mood and stamina is improved
• Skipping brekkie can cause headaches and irritability
• Blood sugar levels remain stable by eating a healthy breakfast.

All of us need to eat breakfast, no matter how busy we get so enjoy the healthy brekkie shake.


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